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Welcome to FleeTrak, a genuine cost-saving asset management solution that makes it easy to manage your vehicles and other assets.

In environments that largely depend on road infrastructure, vehicle running costs represent a very significant overhead for corporate organisations and individuals.

FleeTrak is scalable and can be customized to suit any size of operation or budget.

Though fleet managers and vehicle owners usually feel helplessness and frustration at their inability to effectively manage their assets and associated costs, using FleeTrak makes these costs largely controllable.

FleeTrak range of solutions and services helps to reduce costs such as maintenance & repairs, fuel and administration – regarded as the highest costs for transport operations – by more than 30%.

These solutions range from basic asset security, to enterprise solutions that allow you to plan, monitor and analyze your fleet’s operations and performance using a variety of wireless and smart hand-held devices, and even funding and outsourcing.

FleeTrak Fleet Management Application (FMA)

FMA is an online software solution designed to help individuals and organizations save cost by managing the planning and analysis of your fleet operations.

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FleeTrak Monitor

FleeTrak Monitor is a vehicle tracking system that offers an extensive range of fleet management solutions. From simple vehicle location, the software can be integrated with a wide range of...

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FleeTrak Fuel Manager

Fuel is crucial to fleet operations and is one of the highest costs for vehicle owners. This solution is for anyone looking to manage their fuel expenses, either in a vehicle, or as product logistics...

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FleeTrak Logistics

This solution is designed for organizations that operate in the logistics and haulage business. It has features like load management, GPS tracking, route management, and fuel monitoring & management.

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FleeTrak Thermo

This is for organizations that store and/or transport perishable goods, where success can be impaired by slight variations in temperature levels. FleeTrak Thermo helps to track and monitor...

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FleeTrak Construct-Ready Mix (CR-M)

This solution is an essential tool for players in the construction business looking to up their operational efficiency. It helps you to manage demand and supply through ...

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