Maintaining your vehicles to the very highest standards is essential to your business.

With this in mind, we use all our purchasing power and management expertise to minimize your service and maintenance costs, keep your drivers mobile 365 days a year and ultimately make your business more profit-oriented.

FleeTrak-approved garages ensure the highest level of service. Our garages are monitored through frequent driver satisfaction research and feedback to our garages and customers thereby living up to our ethos of continuous improvement.

Under this service an all-inclusive package that encompasses all costs associated with running a vehicle is covered under a fixed monthly fee, thereby aiding budgeting and unforeseen running costs that FleeTrak shall bear.

No matter the volume of work required, the monthly charge does not change. It is simply peace of mind, with no risk.

Services under our maintenance offering include:

  Provision of efficient maintenance services which include repairs, replacement and overhaul of faulty parts where required.
  Provision of routine services of vehicles based on vehicle manual and expert advice.
  Periodic change of tyres and other vital accessories, such as batteries and other miscellaneous fittings and spares such as foot mat, fire extinguisher, cleaning kit, etc.
  Vulcanizing services for all the vehicles when required.
  Provision at required intervals for any vehicle, maintenance history that would guide decision as to the usefulness of each vehicle to the organization vis-à-vis periodically incurred cost for the specific vehicle.

Vehicle Replacement

As part of our service program, we provide replacement vehicle where a faulty vehicle repair would require more than 3 days to be completed, and at no extra cost to our clients.

For more information, contact our Services team at services@fleetrakams.com