Anyone who owns a vehicle knows of its importance to their business or personal activities.

Owners also understand the need to keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition and with up-to-date documents, while also keeping fuel, maintenance and other costs as low as possible.

It is quite the task to manage all of this, and it only gets harder as your fleet gets larger.

FleeTrak FMA is a fleet management software system designed to help individuals and organizations save running costs on their vehicles by providing complete administrative control of their vehicle activities, incisive analytical tools and informative reporting.

It has schedules for vehicle request and preventative maintenance, enabling users to stay organized and ensure vehicle unavailability does not hamper success. Read more

The FMA analyses maintenance service trends – including the efficiency of your spare parts – adding objective KPIs that can be linked to vendor performance. Better, longer-lasting parts and better vendor performance results in better, less frequent maintenance and at reduced cost.

With FleeTrak FMA, you are also able to monitor and analyse your fuel consumption, repairs, and manage your vehicle costs in line with the approved budget. You can even take record of accidents, the responsible involved and their contributions to repairs.

FleeTrak FMA is an ideal alternative to manually monitoring all aspects of your vehicle usage. FleeTrak FMA can also be integrated with other FleeTrak solutions, offering even greater value through added real-time capabilities.

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  • Web-based solution securely hosted on the cloud
  • Trend analysis for fuel consumption and efficiency of spare parts
  • Vendor-interactive, work order processing for preventative and unscheduled vehicle maintenance
  • Fuel payment tracking, with periodic fuel consumption analysis
  • Alerts for vehicle maintenance, and insurance & license renewals
  • Determine and log Driver Behaviours
  • Accident Log, complete with party resolutions and payments
  • Upload and attach relevant documents (police reports, insurance certificates, etc.) to requests, and to update records
  • Easy single-click menu command
  • 24 hours support services