Keep Your Cargo fresh and Cool with Cold storage, Fridge/Refrigerated Trailer Tracker

For organisations operating using cold storage, such as the medical and FMCG industries, perishable goods are in danger of losing their value, particularly in transit.

As a result, not only does the transport vehicle need to be monitored for efficiency, but temperature-sensitive nature of the cargo must be maintained, ensuring it is safely delivered for further processing.

With FleeTrak Thermo, refrigerator monitoring capabilities are applied to transport vehicles, whether they are trucks or ships. The vehicles are secured via GPS tracking technology, providing real-time locations of ‘reefer’ vehicles and the temperature within the storage space.

Designed for sectors in which temperature control and management is vital, the system allows you to manage all your operations remotely from your office or warehouse. Fleetrak Thermo accurately monitors the temperature and location of your cold storage facilities in real time, providing alerts that help to indicate faults and secure the vehicle and its’ cargo.


  • Commercial Cold Storage Stores – Companies that store frozen food and meat in transit and also for export purpose
  • Local Cold Storage Warehouses – Cold rooms, large supermarkets
  • Hospitals – Needing to keep vaccines at a regulated temperature for health and safety reasonss
  • FCMGs – This solution can be using to monitor temperature of products stored in warehouses as well as deployed fridges in house or in customer shops.
  • Any organisation that relies on cold storage facilities to store their products.
  • Reduced environmental impact due to better management less idling and harsh braking
  • Cargo integrity with tight temperature management
You’ll be alerted instantly if your product and cargo is at risk of temperature abuse, so you can:
  • Prevent spoilage and loss
  • Always keep your perishables at the right temperature
  • Identify refrigeration problems immediately so that you can fix them fast
  • Monitor the location of asset.
  • Freeze your consumable products always at the right temperature

  • Freezes your consumable products at the right temperature
  • Monitors the location and speed
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Refrigerator operation time monitoring: on/off status
  • Door Alarm: Notify in case of unauthorized door openings
  • History log and storage of information about the cold storage facilities, and status of sensor or electrical circuits.