FleeTrak Construct-Ready Mix (CR-M)

In the Fleet ready mixed concrete industry, product delivery is critical.

Concrete must be delivered on time, so making efficient use of your fleet is essential.

The FleeTrak CR-M™ system is a fleet management solution designed specifically for the ready mixed concrete market.

Effectively managing supply and demand, the fully automated FleeTrak CR-M system shows dispatchers real-time location and status information for each vehicle in your fleet. You can also send and receive messages, generate reports and adjust schedules.

FleeTrak CR-M provides the information you need to make intelligent business decisions that decrease your operational costs and increase overall business efficiency. It is a solution that has been carefully made to meet the needs of a fast paced construction industry where quality; health and safety issues are top priority. Read more

Concrete functionality benefits all the key players in the construction business as it allows concrete companies to maximise the utilisation of the fleet.

This solution help improve the quality control of concrete, the GPS location of the concrete mixer and other management features for your business.

  • Automatic Location (GPS)
  • System integration via specific sensors of:
  • Controlled Access - System for displaying the data via the Internet is secured
  • Tracking in real time - Routes, stops, time idle, speed engine hours, etc.
  • View live telematics parameters of the trucks Schedule of routes and control of areas and crossing points
  • Knowledge of the date and time of departure
  • During the tour we know in real time the truck incidents such as: excessive stops, if you are adding water to the concrete, route diversions
  • Date and time of the product download, and the waiting times
  • Management/Activity reports - Analytical reports that help management evaluate the overall operational efficiency of the fleet.
  • Possible integration with enterprise management applications and aggregate concrete way to share information.
  • Camera – See the inside of the truck deck and monitor activities within
  • Reports Data storage - Secure storage for up to 13 months.
  • Scalability - Easily scalable and upgradeable to grow with your business needs.
  • Controlled Access - - Online, real-time via web browser on Internet-enabled system from our secured servers. Multiple accesses at the same time are very much possible via different tracking web platforms, PC, Laptops, Android and Apple’s IOS.