How much does FleeTrak cost?

The cost of FleeTrak AMS depends on the individual needs of the fleet. The number of concurrent users and fleet size, determine the final pricing, therefore there is no standard cost. If you would like to make use of our FleeTrak AMS solution, create an account to have access to the two months free trial. You may also contact our support directly at

What are the differences between the subscription plans

There are differences between the seven plans of our fleet management software. Please view the FleeTrak pricing page. For more information on the features of FleeTrak AMS, click here [features page].

What is the main difference between FleeTrak AMS and FleeTrak monitor?

FleeTrak AMS is a web based application that facilitates the proper management and automation of the Fleet Operations Unit starting from purchase, tracking to maintenance/repair (scheduled preventive maintenance), fuel consumption, staff resourcefulness monitoring, route management, work order processing, and document management (Insurance & licenses). FleeTrak Monitor is a GPS/GPRS tracking software that remotely track, monitor and secure fixed & movable assets, while also providing the accurate fuel consumption levels of your assets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for organizations.

Can data be exported to external files or spreadsheets?

Yes. FleeTrak AMS supports data exporting. You can export data to spreadsheets, PDF, word documents, and other formats.

Can the FleeTrak AMS application be modified?

The ability to customize FleeTrak AMS to a client's specific needs is what sets us apart from others in the industry today. With a unique design, our software developers are able to make modifications at a relatively low cost to you. Customizing reports, and adding additional features are some common modifications. Most importantly we customize based on your specific needs. Your FleeTrak AMS solution can grow with you to reflect current business realities.