Support Policy

At Concept Nova we strive for world class support service delivery and our team of dedicated support professionals are always on hand to assist you with any inquiries. Your issues are our issues and we work diligently at their resolutions. Concept Nova offers a choice of several levels of support, all of which provide dependable and timely resolution of technical inquiries.

Concept Nova’s Support will be available around the clock (24 x 365) to respond to requests from customers ranging from customer request/inquiry to regular maintenance supports.

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Support Options

The Concept Nova support team is dedicated to delivering various high quality support levels to ensure the expected value for using the FleeTrak application is achieved.

In order to meet the varying needs of our clients, we have designed these options:

  • Email Request

    All mails on support related request and concerns should be sent via our support email address

  • Helpdesk Web Portal Request

    Ask a question and find current information on the FleeTrak application

  • Chat Request

    Our live chat application is available on this website 24 hours daily to allow you chat with our available on-duty support staff.

  • Phone Request

    Call our contact centre on 01-8980336 Ext 128 during business hours to speak to our customer service representative.

Support Hours

Business Hours - Monday to Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

After Hours Support - After hours support is provided by calling the Concept Nova emergency number
(+234 704 570 0552, +234 704 533 2684) after 5:00 p.m. Our on-duty support staff will receive your call and respond to your request.

On-line Support – Our web-based support system is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The online support portal is primarily designed for communicating non- mission critical queries and issues to our support staff. They are usually dealt with by our support staff in the order that they are received and are normally responded to within 5 hours of receipt during normal business hours. Issues that are of a mission critical nature or require in-depth one-on-one support are prioritized by the severity of the issue.

Response Times

Our current policy specifies a response time of 5 hours or less during normal business hours. When a problem or request is not resolved within the specified period, we shall provide the current status by responding to the incident via email within the 5-hour period.

Support Escalation Levels

Level 1 (Contact Centre): This is the first point of contact with our customers in addressing individual inquiries and, or product¬ related issues. With a solid technical background and an active customer focus; our contact centre is the “motor” in the resolution process. Their key responsibility is to deliver accurate and timely answers to our customers.

Our level 1 support staff receives an initial incident request via our online support web portal, email or telephone. The scope of their resources includes product knowledge, product documentation, product history, and level 2 resources. If the incident cannot be resolved within a 5-hour window, it is escalated to level 2.

Level 2: Our level 2 representative receives an incident from level 1. The scope of their resources includes level 1 resources plus access to product code and level 3 resources. If the incident cannot be resolved within one full business day, it is escalated to level 3. However, the level 2 representative retains ownership of the incident and is responsible for all communications with the customer.

Level 3: Our Level 3 support consists of our product developers and architects along with any other company resource or outside resource necessary to resolve an incident.

Priority Levels

Reported problems are typically prioritized as follows

Priority Description Target Response Time
  • Faults that seriously impair or halt performance in production for the end user
  • Application down
  • The user cannot make use of an essential function in the production system
  • The problem cannot be solved by a bypass or workaround
Will call or page support staff for immediate response.
  • The system is running but with repeated interruptions
  • Time sensitive issue important to long term production that is not causing an immediate stoppage of work
Initial response within five (5) working hours.
  • Problems which do not have a significant impact on productivity
  • The system is running but with limitations
  • A function is failing but there is a bypass available
Initial response within two (2) working days.
  • Requests for information, billing issues, and documentation problems are assigned Priority 4.
Our support responds to these cases within 48 hours, and addresses them as appropriate.