Fleet Purchaces

Making additions to your fleet can be a necessary but expensive decision. The fleet may need refreshment for continued revenue generation, but current cash flows may not allow for such financial outlays at once.

FleeTrak provides individual and corporate clients with viable options to overcome barriers to achieving this, ensuring that the best possible solution is found for each unique situation.

Below are the different type of Fleet purchases:

Contract Hire

This is designed for companies that desire minimum funds outlay and maximum cost control. An all-inclusive package that encompasses all the costs associated with running a vehicle is covered under a fixed daily/monthly rental, thereby aiding the ease of budgeting.

FleeTrak retains ownership of the vehicle at all times and therefore continues to absorb the subsequent risks such as unforeseen running costs and certain resale value.

A fully inclusive maintenance cover can also be included. Again, this is a fixed cost as part of the monthly rental and includes all maintenance requirements including regular servicing, tyre replacement and major mechanical failure.

It doesn't matter how much work is required because the monthly charge does not change and as such no extra cost is incurred. Peace of mind, with no risk.

Contract Purchase

This offers the facility to purchase vehicles over a predetermined period of time and at fixed monthly charges, at the end of the contract, ownership can be retained by making a final balloon payment.

Alternatively, the vehicle can be returned for resale by FleeTrak with no further payments due.

Sale & Lease-Back

This option enables your organization release capital that is tied up in vehicles already owned outright by transferring them to a contract hire on lease agreement.

Under this arrangement the vehicles are sold to FleeTrak at an agreed price and these same vehicles are seamlessly leased back to your organization based on mutually agreed lease terms.

For more information, contact our Services team at services@fleetrakams.com